being a student

being a student

Friday, July 30, 2010

A visit to Autistic Centre 2010

"In Gods sight, I'm precious too.."-from the heart of special kids.
Such a touchable words that causing my tear to drops. A visit to Autistic Centre served me well about life, people, hope, caring, and needs for special kids
My fellow classmates that joined the visit.
This one is originally made by special kids.
They are smarter and creative than me huh..:)
Nah..I love this one!
Ha..see? very nice isn't it? 
Wah! They're better then me, I can't do this..hehe.
 Well, I'm kinda people that easily give up. and Jessica showing the beautiful

"Know the person, not the disability, in fact look past the disability and you will see a person, a person who has the same thoughts and feelings as anyone else."

"Exceptional human beings must be given exceptional educational treatment, treatment which takes into account their special difficulties. Further, we can show that despite abnormality, human beings can fulfill their social role within
the community, especially if they find understanding, love and guidance.”
Hans Asperger

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Just a quick *Snap!*

Tadaaa!! Its a stairs pose!ahaa..

My freakin' classmates! This picture was taken while we all waiting for the tailor to measure our
new uniform.

Yeah..Kinda blurr..ahaa

Monday, June 21, 2010

First footsteps

Its all begins with DREAM,

Well, just what I said before when I was standing at the stage with my hand shaking, talking in front of people and this is what is said,

"When I was young, I never said or mention that I want become a Nurse one day..I always said, 'I want to become a Teacher, then..hurm, if not Doctorlah, then hurm...become scientist lah..'"


After several years..
"Yehuuu....finally! I will go for study soon"
..and..yups, I continue my study.
And you know what? I doesn't know how to choose for the course, Huh, how stupid I am..*laughing
Then, I just follow my family wish and i took Engineering course. *waseh
1 year and half passed, and what I have?did I know what I studied for?Did I like engineering very much? Did I know well about engineering?

the answer is : NO

*laughing out loud*

Thats the truth, even my CGPA is passed with flying color but I only study hard just for the sake of the name EXAM.

I quit from continuing my study about engineering.*wasting time la
I try this one! Nursing..*laugh
Semester 1 is passed

and I realize I LOVE NURSING! omg!
I thank God because finally I got what I want and suitable for me.

Now, I'm in semester 5, I've learn so many things, eventhough I don't like practical that much..*Hikhik